Adorable Varieties of Silver Charms from Hudson Poole

Silver charms are incredible pieces of jewelry you can own. You can display these in your showcase. Else you can sport them as trendy pendants as well. Charms are excellent pieces of memorabilia that can gifted among friends and loved ones too.

Presenting exotic varieties on silver charms for you to drool over:

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4 Lovely Diamond Wedding Bands You Should Buy Right Away

4 Lovely Diamond Wedding Bands You Should Buy Right Away

You can shop for authentic varieties on diamond wedding bands. To make a stunning impression at the most happening day in your life, you can afford to shell out a little extra. The gem stones decoration or detailing is something you can focus on. You decide on the setting and the style of the jewelry. You can mix and match metals to lend a trendy appearance to the jewel, you plan wearing for your D-day.

Feel free to have a look at the lovely collection of wedding cum anniversary bands via a renowned jewelry store:

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Explore Stunning Wedding Bands Online


Do you want to know how a richly designed wedding band actually looks like? You will have to touch and feel, the luxuriously hand-crafted wedding bands, all by yourself. You look at the band, shimmering through its radiance.

These are bands that are typically exchanged between the bride and the groom on the day of the wedding event. Couples also want a perfect match on wedding bands to synchronize with their respective engagement rings.

Here are 3 absolutely incredible wedding rings brought to you from a designer label:

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Discover How Jewelry Repair can Save your Time


If you have an old piece of jewelry, you can either go for a jewelry repair. Or have old jewelry remodeled into newer designs. Repairing your jewels can definitely save your dime, by a considerable extent. As you know how expensive it is, to purchase brand new jewelry.

Here are three exciting ways on how you can repair old jewel sets and still retain the luster:

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Discover some of the popular cuts on Certified Loose Diamond Stones


You need to possess a thorough knowledge on the four C’s of the diamond stones. These are cut, color, clarity and carats. Carats refer to the weight of diamond stones. The price of jewelry is usually determined, in terms of carats used, to embellish a specific piece on jewelry.

We are going to have a look at some of the popular styles on Certified Loose Diamonds:

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Discover 4 Designer Diamond Rings from Hudson Poole


To choose something truly exclusive, you go in for designer diamond rings. This way, you let your woman understand, how much you want to flaunt her with. The lavish dose of pampering is done by gifting her with diamond jewelry. As you know diamonds are a woman’s best friend.

Here are designer rings, you crave for:

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5 Trendy Picks on Ear Studs From Hudson Poole

A stylish pair of ear-studs has always been an in-thing in a woman’s wardrobe. These earrings can be camouflaged with a trendy pair of jeans and tee. Else you can pair them up over a long Victorian gown. For a formal office-wear, a chic pair of earrings can look incredible on you. The staple is therefore the most versatile form of jewelry.

Here are five trendy picks on Ear Studs from Hudson Poole:

Diamond Solitaire Studs

You have a pretty looking diamond earrings. The pair takes shape via sterling silver. At Hello Diamonds, you have lab-cultured diamond stones added to the earrings. However, if you own heirloom or loose diamond stones, you can ask a custom designer to have them etched on to the attractive looking form of jewelry. Your dangling based diamond solitaire earrings is all out for display.


Heart Shaped Pearl Studs

These are pearl studs embedded to a perfect heart shaped setting. The setting takes its flavor via the purest form of sterling silver. The studs are given a new coat of polish to make them sparkle brightly in the sun. Pair them up over a floral blouse and a boutique printed skirt to lend yourself, a diva kind of a look.

Cubic Zirconia Ear Studs

To give your earrings collection, an all-new upheaval, you can go in for a great looking pair of earrings from Hello diamonds. This is a sterling silver square shaped setting. You have those sparkly cubic zirconia stones attached to each ear stud. The stylish pair of earrings go well with dungarees.


Gem-stone Ear Studs

This a fabulous looking gem stone earring, you add to your jewelry collection. The stone used is aquamarine. The sterling silver setting has the aquamarine stone studded with posh stones. The diamond stones are worth 0.015. You have a ball pin stud at the back.

At Hudson-Poole, you can discover versatile sets on stylish jewelry. To explore the store online, log on to

Ideal tips for choosing wedding anniversary rings online

Has it been a year of togetherness since you both got married to each other? Then comes the time for celebration. Words cannot describe feelings of love, commitment, solidarity, friendship and the innate sense of passion, you share with one another. You will like to behold your partner into the magical candle holder, isn’t it?

Well, if you had been planning to give your lady love, great varieties of wedding anniversary rings, here are tips on how to shop for them online.

Plan on the design, style and setting

Do you want to buy an exclusive infinity band or eternity band, so that she wears it on the other hand? Else do you want to create a stackable effect with the Engagement or wedding bands, you had put into her coveted finger? You need to figure out, how you want the design, style and the setting to look like. You can discreetly try knowing, what is the exact design, she would love having?

Narrow down on the choices

Princess cut and Rounded dome are the most popular ones on designer rings. If you want the wedding anniversary ring, to be a real stunner, these are the tips you can try implementing. You can add romantic form of engraved messages on the ring.

Forever platinum bands also make fabulous options when it comes to choosing wedding anniversary rings online. Palladium is a hypo-allergenic form of alloy that closely resembles diamond or platinum. You can narrow down the choices beforehand, so that you know the type, you are exactly looking for.

Have a word with a jewelry designer

If you want to know the fabulous choices available upscale, for having personalized set of rings designed, this is one ideal tip. You and your partner can have a word with the leading jewelry designer or stylist to see how the anniversary rings can be molded in style. The sketched skews are then put into the right form of jewelry.

Hudson Poole deals with sophisticated varieties of wedding bands, pendants, necklaces, charms, kid’s jewelry and lot more. To have a complete view on their design catalogue online, feel free to reach the team via

Enigmatic designs on diamond earrings for Mother’s Day

Earrings can accentuate a noticeable part of your body. These trendy sets on jewelry add a better degree of tint, to enhance your facial features too. For your super-sonic mom who is always on the move, all through the year, these are fabulous jewel sets that can leave her pampered, end of the day. You can curate your own gift hamper, with these pretty-looking diamond earrings from Mother’s Day special.

Giant diamond hoops

You can go for the stylish pick on giant sized hoop earrings. The hoops are made from a stunning variety of 14K white gold. Posh diamond stones are adorned across the hoops.


The attractive piece of jewelry makes an ideal gift for your mom. She can wear it to work, bash events and lot many.

Vahan jewelry with a pretty-looking design

As you all must be aware of, Alwand Vahan has his unique style of designing contemporary styles on designer jewelry. These splendid array of jewel sets follow the traditional design fused with trendy vibes, out there. Vahan styled jewelry is therefore, the best selection indeed.


The wide-hoop earrings come to you with a crisscross design. The outlay is studded with sparkling diamond stones. The Vahan’s signature styled jewelry can leave eternally etched memories, in your mom’s heart.

Unveil the magic of blue sapphires

The fabulous collection on diamond earrings-Mother’s day is brought to you by a designer label named Gabriel and Co. The fabulous piece of jewelry can be matched to suit any kind of costume and occasion.


The celebrated pair of earrings come to you with sparkling deep-blue oval sapphire stones. You have the dainty piece of earrings hand-crafted with a ribbon styled detailing, coupled with sparkling diamond accents.

Hudson Poole is a luxury jewelry brand dealing with earrings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, finger rings, kid’s jewelry and lot more. To have a look at their enviable collection of jewelry online, feel free to reach the hub via

Woo your mom with these stylish gifts

As a matter of fact, your mom has been toiling all day around. This is to fetch you, with the best of everything. Be it working so hard at the kitchen-place or slogging her sweat out at the work-place, she does it all, keeping the best of your interests in mind.

Hence, for this particular season, we have included some of the super-stylish jewelry gifts, forming a part of the Mother’s Day blog.

Pendant and necklaces


This is a fabulously designed white gold necklace with the ethnic pendant attached to the same. The pendant follows an exquisite vintage design. It is a marquise-shaped leaf detailing. You have diamond stones adorned, the free-style way. More than 140 carats of stones are used, to have the extremely stylish pendant designed. The necklace cum pendant is a signature piece, you can gift your mom with. To celebrate Mother’s Day in style.



This is a majestic Vahan styled bracelet that comes to you, in all its richness. It is a 10 mm bracelet with fusion of metals, added to the setting. A magical combination of Vahan styled sterling silver, 14K yellow gold and diamonds form a part of the design outlay. Diamond stones adorn the posh set of pearls that are placed at both the ends of the charming bracelet. Your mom is going to be taken in, by a sweet surprise, the moment you gift her with one.

Sapphire Earrings

sapphire-earringsBlue sapphires have always been in vogue, when it comes to creating luxurious forms of jewelry. Why not woo your mom by gifting her with a pair of 14K white gold sapphire earrings? The dainty pick on ear studs is something your mom is going to fall in love with. The ribbon detailing adds to the posh outlook, on this form of jewelry.

These are the trendy jewels brought to you from the Mother’s Day blog.

Hudson Poole deals with signature pieces of gold, silver and diamond jewelry since decades. To reach the posh store online, type in