KNOW WHY: Custom Jewelry Design is better than Ready-made

Jewelry, an undeniable part of life, is usually bought from stores. You want to buy a jewelry, you pick up your wallet and head to a store for shopping- Purpose solved. No matter how convenient this must sound, getting a custom jewelry design has a charm of its own. We say, there is a journey involved there. Let us give you three reasons that will change your mind about custom jewelry and ready-made ones, apart from the emotions and pain that went in creating it. 


Custom jewelry design is a possibility for someone to fashion every detail, creating a finished piece which will be as unique as her personality. Jewelry is meant to be worn every day, why not take the time to create something one-of-a-kind instead of purchasing a mass-produced or factory-made piece?


Custom design of jewelry ensures that you receive exactly what you want and nothing less. Getting jewelry made on custom demand does not have extra charge with jewelers; the price of your piece will be based entirely on the materials you have handpicked! With custom jewelry design you will get handmade and superior quality to anything mass-produced.


It is possible for the ring that is just off-the-shelves, to be made of low quality materials or a stone that isn’t durable. When designing a custom ring, you can ensure that top-quality materials are used.

The quality is in the details. Custom jewelry is a chance to be involved in creating a piece you cherish forever. So, shift from buying what everyone wears and design your own jewelry. At Hudson-Poole Fine Jewelers, artisans will work directly with you at every stage for the best custom jewelry design. Take advantage of our experienced and knowledge, and you will not just be satisfied, you will be in love. Visit our store at Greensboro Ave, Tuscaloosa, Alabama or shop online on

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