Woo your Mom with these stylish Gifts

As a matter of fact, your mom has been toiling all day around. This is to fetch you, with the best of everything. Be it working so hard at the kitchen-place or slogging her sweat out at the work-place, she does it all, keeping the best of your interests in mind.

Hence, for this particular season, we have included some of the super-stylish jewelry gifts, forming a part of the Mother’s Day blog.

Pendant and necklaces


This is a fabulously designed white gold necklace with the ethnic pendant attached to the same. The pendant follows an exquisite vintage design. It is a marquise-shaped leaf detailing. You have diamond stones adorned, the free-style way. More than 140 carats of stones are used, to have the extremely stylish pendant designed. The necklace cum pendant is a signature piece, you can gift your mom with. To celebrate Mother’s Day in style.



This is a majestic Vahan styled bracelet that comes to you, in all its richness. It is a 10 mm bracelet with fusion of metals, added to the setting. A magical combination of Vahan styled sterling silver, 14K yellow gold and diamonds bracelets form a part of the design outlay. Diamond stones adorn the posh set of pearls that are placed at both the ends of the charming bracelet. Your mom is going to be taken in, by a sweet surprise, the moment you gift her with one.

Sapphire Earrings

sapphire-earringsBlue sapphires have always been in vogue, when it comes to creating luxurious forms of jewelry. Why not woo your mom by gifting her with a pair of 14K white gold sapphire earrings? The dainty pick on ear studs is something your mom is going to fall in love with. The ribbon detailing adds to the posh outlook, on this form of jewelry.

These are the trendy jewels brought to you from the Mother’s Day blog.

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Explore Precise Steps in Watch Repair

When you want to have your watch repaired, it requires an all-elaborate sequence of steps that need to be performed.
Helping you discover 4 exclusive steps involved with watch repair:

Thorough scan of the manufacturer’s logo

When you visit a renowned store that deals with watch repairs, this is the first thing that is actually looked into. The manufacturer’s logo icon is carefully examined. The non-functional parts of the watch need to be replaced. By looking at the manufacturer’s logo, the service technician can actually arrive at a conclusion as to what type of brand he should look for. This relates to spare parts that need to be replaced with non-functional or defunct ones.

Overhauling the entire frame-work of the watch

Would you believe if someone were to say that a watch contains more than 150 parts inside it? Yes, it is absolutely true. To overhaul the entire framework of the watch and cleanse it thoroughly, it can take anywhere between 6 to 12 weeks. Several specialists detail on the type of movement with which the watch repair needs to be done. That is the primary reason as to why restoring an entire watch is such a laborious process.


Repair process

The watch specialist usually takes several weeks to inspect the watch in a comprehensive manner. The spare parts are embedded after taking the defunct parts out. Batteries might need replacing as well.

After all this is carried forward, the micro residue particles staying inside the inner layers of the watch are taken out. This way, the watch gets cleansed inside-out. A neat polish is then given to the outer coating of the time-piece.

Final inspection

This is the last and final stage pertaining to an elaborate Watch Repair. Final inspection is then done to see if the watch is working perfectly fine. A complete invoice is then prepared and handed over to the customer.

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