5 Unique Diamond Link Bracelets

Diamond link bracelets are not just beautiful and trendy, but practical as well. Irrespective of age and wrist size, they can be worn by anyone. Needless to say, they remain one of the most important part of Diamond Jewelry in the market.

Here are 5 unique design ideas for diamond link bracelets that will look good on anyone and are suitable for any occasion.

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Customized Jewelry Designs Using a String of Loose Diamonds

Do you have an heirloom diamond or a crystal pendant with which you want to make an enchanting form of jewelry? Custom jewelry throws up number of options to make designer sets, you had always yearned for. With a string of pretty looking loose diamonds at your disposal, things can never go wrong.

Discover 5 exclusive varieties of customized jewelry using the coveted stones:


diamond-necklaces-alabamaYou can buy a plain necklace. It can either be a chain loop kind of thing. Else it can be a thin silver or golden stranded one. You can then go with the design. You can get a reasonable quote from your jewelry designer. Then, you can adorn the setting. The stones can delicately be arranged across the chain. An elegantly designed channel setting would be an exquisite collection for bridal wear.


heart-shaped-TuscaloosaAgain, the set of loose diamonds, you have under your closet, can be put to a very good use. You have the crystalline pendant. Pave cut stones are smaller studs that can be adorned across the setting. A peacock shaped pendant would be resplendent, when you want to sport one, for your Engagement ceremony or Wedding event. You can attach a pretty looking pendant to the chain, you plan wearing for the gracious occasion.


Platinum-Diamond-Engagement-RingA solitaire diamond can be a very good choice. You need to attach it to the central portion of the ring. A square shaped setting or a cushion cut can lend a majestic appearance to the Engagement or Wedding day ring. You can select princess cut or round cut diamonds for that ever radiant appearance.


diamond-bracelets-tuscaloosaJust look for fancy colored diamonds. You can stud these on your bracelets for a brand new feel. The setting can a simple 14K white gold one. Colored stones sparkle radiantly on a white setting. You can follow a minimalist design for the band. This way, it will be the colored stones that look highlighted.



The bride necessarily needs to have her tiara on. The father guides his princess, all the way down to the aisle. The tiara can be studded with a spectrum of loose diamonds, out there. She will need to have the tiara designed in such a way, that it complements her wedding gown.

These are the five astounding ways, you customize bridal jewelry using stones. Hudson Poole is a trusted label dealing with a wide range of diamond and gold jewelry. To sniff a flavor of what designs the store showcases, viewers can log on to http://www.hudsonpoole.com/