Exclusive gifting options on Diamond Pendants

When you want to gift a pendant to your best friend, you might be carried away with the never-ending display on designs and models. As a matter of fact, you want to give away the best, to your dear and loved ones.
Helping you explore 4 exclusive gifting ideas on diamond pendants:

Cluster Pendants

Cluster pendants can give a rich look to the necklace you or your dear one, would love flaunting with. These are designer pendants which have two or more layers of diamond studs adorned across the setting. You can select, quality round-cut diamond studs or pave-cut stones, decorated in an elegant style.


A central diamond stone can also be chosen to provide an aesthetic look to the necklace. As you have these pendants looking resplendent, they make amazing choices. To make wonderful gifts.

Halo Pendants

These are diamonds designed using the halo style. You can add multiple layers to the setting. Halo pendants are available in a variety of styles, for you to choose from. Hence, these make great gifting choices. For an all-glittery look, you can choose popular moissanite center-stones.


You can choose a single halo for a traditional look.

Vintage styled designs

Again, vintage styled pendants make a favorable appeal amongst lady-fans out there. A metallic heart can also be chosen for a cute and loveable look. You can add diamond studs for the setting alone.

vintage-pendants-hudsonpooleYou can choose gem stones as the central one. You can choose peacock shaped or owl shaped pendants that make exotic gifting ideas when it comes to vintage styled designs.

Unique objects

If your friend or loved one prefers a pendant to add volume or bounce to the necklace, she plans wearing for the party, you can choose unique objects. It can be a dangling star, a fat bonnet, an intricately designed rose or a lovely diamond shaped pendant.

You can also have a cross inscribed on the pendant. These are exclusive gifting ideas on Diamond Pendants.
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Know the aesthetics behind choosing Engagement Rings Online

What do you do when you need to select an Engagement ring for your fiancée? You would start scouting the best online jewelry store for engagement rings. Else you would ask for opinions from friends and loved ones, as to where the best retail jewelry store is. You would love shopping from one store to another, before you realize it is getting way too late.

If you understand the aesthetics behind selecting your fondest forms of jewelry, you can easily pick these from an online store or via a retail establishment.

A simple three step formula to selecting engagement rings, via an online store:

Thorough knowledge on the 4 C’s

You will need to understand what the 4 C’s actually mean. These include Cut, Carat, Color and Clarity. Colorless diamonds are the most sought after ones. Colored diamonds make very good choices for designing trinkets like ear-studs or anklets. Cuts relate to the way, a diamond stone is actually cut. A precise cut can actually enhance the sparkle of the stone. You have heart shaped cuts, round cuts, square cuts and single solitaire stones, among the popular ones.

The-4c's Diamond-hudsonpoole

Carat weight of the diamond is again an important consideration that determines the price of the diamond. Clarity of diamonds is metered to gauge the sparkle or radiance, the stone comes with. You need to educate yourself on what the 4 C’s actually mean, before you head out, for the big-time wedding jewelry purchase.

Know more about the settings


The aesthetic value of diamond jewelry depends on the setting, of the same. You have a pave cut setting. Smaller diamond studs are elegantly decorated across the pendant, ring or necklace. If you have a prong setting, then huge-cut diamond stones are exquisitely designed, across the jewelry set. These jewelry pieces are very pretty, to look at. Bezel setting is a setting wherein the stone is held in place by the rim of the metal. The whole ring or the portion of it is taken into consideration.

Customizing Options

You need to be aware on the customizing options, before designing each intricate form of jewelry. You can discuss things with your designer, before you have things confirmed. Know the aesthetics of jewelry before you choose the best online jewelry store for Engagement Rings.

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Trendy Diamond Rings To Make Your Loved Ones Smile

To celebrate New Year in style and glamour, you should choose diamond rings that best go with the festive spirit.
Pour your heart out, in selecting four adorable picks on rings:

Platinum band, the knock-out style

Choose a royal gift to cherish those exotic moments with your loved one. This is the most romantic gift, you can give your lady love. You discover a platinum band that comes to you with a knock-out style. The band is exquisitely studded with round and oval diamonds. The mesmerizing feel of gifting an expensive form of jewelry to your darling is the most gorgeous moment of your life. Why not strike the iron while it is still hot?

A dome shaped ring

On an 18K white-gold setting, a spectacular oval shaped emerald stands, right there at the center. The dome-shaped ring is studded with delicately picked pave-cut diamond stones. The cut is a mind-blowing one. This is a spectacular gift, you can give your spouse, for the upcoming New Year Eve. Diamond rings expand the horizons of love beyond boundaries.

wedding-rings-montgomery       christmas-rings-Tuscaloosa-AL    wedding-rings-tuscaloosa

A Vintage styled cocktail ring

Party time is just about to begin. You need to let down your hair loose and enjoy moments till the end. A vintage styled diamond ring just solves the purpose, the right royal way. On an 18K yellow gold setting, you have the lavender shaded amethyst stone placed royally at the center of the ring. Diamond studs are decorated across the vintage-styled design. It is an adorable pick for your man.

A Spectacular diamond pave unveils magic

This is a stunning 18K gold on which diamond pave stones are decorated in a well-proportioned manner. The diamond rings of this genre are really very beautiful to look at. The pave designed stones add to the fabulous feel. A must-have during the festive season.

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Beautiful cuts on loose diamonds

You must be well-aware of jewelry pieces that can help you remain trendy. Cuff-links, bracelets, brooches, statement jewelry, stackable rings and earrings help you pull off your looks, in style. With a couple of loose diamonds inside your closet, what do you actually do with these? Based on the cuts of the diamond stones, beautiful pieces of jewelry can be created.


A look at pretty looking cuts and how these suit jewel sets

A square-cut stone

You can create majestic Engagement rings with the help of square cut stones. Men’s rings can be created using square-cuts.

Oval cut stones

For women, oval stones would go well. Those slender fingers need to look elegant. Finger rings look great with opal stones.

Round cuts

Typical round cut diamonds go splendidly well, with pendants. Fancy brooches can be adorable ensemble with fine-line clothes. You can adorn round cut studs on to brooches as well. Women can carry off, their persona at ease.


Pave cut diamonds are smaller studs that add fabulous glitter to jewelry. Earrings, heart-shaped pendants and wedding bands can elegantly be designed using pave-cut diamonds. These studs are smaller in size. Designer necklaces also have pave-cut diamonds adorned across the setting. A constellation pattern or floral designs on pendants make excellent choices to attach to wedding necklaces.

Solitaire cut

This is a single diamond stone that looks fabulous on bracelets, cuff-links or pendants. Solitaire cut is a single crusted stone where the center-light focus of the jewelry is on the solitaire stone.

Heart-shaped cuts

Heart shaped diamonds go well with a lovely pair of earrings. A well-shaped pair of hearts can go well with ear studs and these earrings go well with almost any kind of outfit.

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4 Exclusive Wedding Designs on Diamond Pendants

When it comes to choosing the right diamond pendant, for your own wedding, things can get a little overwhelming. These are 4 exclusive designs on wedding collection jewelry. You can take a well-informed decision, based on the same.

Here we go:

A Leaf Shaped Pendant


Leaf symbolizes freshness. You can select a leaf-shaped pendant for the wedding necklace. Not only does your girl look gorgeous wearing the same, the pendant also symbolizes a unique meaning. It says, your fresh demeanor will remain in my heart forever, no matter how old you are’. In other words, it can add a dash of freshness to the upcoming relationship.

A Crown Shaped Pendant

crown-pendants-alters-gemCrown shaped diamond pendants are meant to symbolize the message. Namely ‘You are the leading queen of my life’. You wear the crown and I take orders to keep your life happy’. What a fantastic message a simple pendant reveals? Again an exquisitely crafted pendant can add an ethnic design to the necklace.

Anchor Shaped one

anchor-shaped-pendantsYou can choose an anchor shaped one to reveal the message. ‘You stand beside me always and I will anchor you against odds of life’. Anchor shaped pendants can also be a great design on wedding chains.

A Double Locket Pendant


Obviously, a double locket pendant symbolizes the message that ‘We are meant for each other’. Choosing a fat pendant shows the whole heartedness you pour out. This is while you serve the lady-love of your life, all the way through. Stone studded pendants can also add colorful vibes to the grandest occasion of your life.

As men, you can also wear uniquely designed chains, with lockets attached, to add to the grandeur.

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Exclusive Benefits of Purchasing Jewelry from an Online Store

Gone are the days when you spent hours at a retail jewelry store browsing through limited designs. Today, the internet has revolutionized your life in a big way.
Taking you through 4 exclusive benefits of purchasing coveted jewel sets from an online store:

Lower Costs
Selling products online can save the manufacturer from umpteen number of overhead expenses. These are applicable to the physical store. Retail store overheads include rent of the establishment, electricity, salaries for sales personnel and so on.

The online jewelry store conveniently evades these expenses. That is the primary reason, why you benefit thoroughly, as a customer. The benefits passed on to you are lucrative refund policies (These can be availed to custom made rings as well), free shipping, engraving, polishing, gift wrapping and lot many. You may, at least spend $100 extra on all these, if done independently.

Effective Comparison on Prices

Price is definitely an important factor you consider, before you start your purchases. You can keep a tab on the price of the ring this way. You keep one single piece of jewelry at hand and compare the price of the same, with multiple jewelers. This way, you get a fair price for the jewelry you have in mind. In other words, you get a 100% value for your hard-earned money.

Online Reviews

This is the third important benefit an online jewelry store has, over its retail counterpart. You are able to discover online reviews and ratings for the jewelry store, you plan buying jewels from. This way, you are a well-informed customer. You get a moral assurance that you are going to own fine line sets from the best dealer at the industry. These reviews and ratings are real time and you do not have to get carried away by sales persons, friends or relatives.

Trusted Quality
When you plan to buy rings online from a trusted source, you can be rest assured that your jewelry is of a quality that surpasses excellence. It is as compared to any high rated seller you would find at the retail jewelry store.

When you go online, you have the product information that is updated upfront. The weight of the metal, the designing or setting that goes into making, for having the ring crafted, carats, quality of the gem stone and lot more are product info you receive on the spot. You can have these details, at your fingertips, in order to base your purchasing decision, in advance. You can also receive adequate help from jewelry experts as they will be chatting with you online 24/7. You can also claim authentic grading certificates, across the net.

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Creative Ideas To Add To Your Style

Nothing can be more spectacular than sporting a nice piece of jewelry on your body. It can be a jade necklace, sparky ear-studs, bangles or designer brooches. Customized jewelry can also reveal your persona in a spectacular way. You can customize diamond jewelry by buying loose diamonds from the online store. But you need to make sure that the quality of diamonds surpasses excellence. The jewelry also needs to gel well with the costume you plan to wear for a party, a wedding reception event or for a social gathering.

Presenting you with three adorable mix and match jewelry ideas so that they complement your outfits in a perfect manner:

Let the jewelry do all the talking

You can keep your outfit glamorous. But you need to allow the jewelry do most of the talking. Keep your outfits plain and simple. Then, when you sport a diamond necklace with a single stone pendant, you can pull off, a superb appearance. If you go in for a ruffle-front blouse camouflaged with a knee-length skirt, a multi-layered gold chain would look wonderful on you.


Three layer pearl necklace

If you plan to wear a dark red Victorian gown or a satin pink frock, for the upcoming Prom party, this jewelry idea can go well with your outfits. You can wear gold danglers coupled with a three layered fresh water-pearl necklace. Pearl necklaces can add volume to your personality. You can buy beautifully crafted loose diamonds, to customize jewelry the way you wanted to.

Statement jewelry

If you want to sport a simple tee and a denim skirt, you can go in with statement jewelry. These are daring pieces of jewelry meant to reveal your attitude. You can wear a statement finger ring, a single strand gold necklace and colored bangles to pull off cool looks. You can wear a jacket to look even hotter.


loose diamond

These are 3 amazing jewelry ideas that help you match your outfits. To compliment costume jewelry the right way, you will have to purchase Loose Diamonds from a reputed online store.

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