Exclusive gifting options on Diamond Pendants

When you want to gift a pendant to your best friend, you might be carried away with the never-ending display on designs and models. As a matter of fact, you want to give away the best, to your dear and loved ones.
Helping you explore 4 exclusive gifting ideas on diamond pendants:

Cluster Pendants

Cluster pendants can give a rich look to the necklace you or your dear one, would love flaunting with. These are designer pendants which have two or more layers of diamond studs adorned across the setting. You can select, quality round-cut diamond studs or pave-cut stones, decorated in an elegant style.


A central diamond stone can also be chosen to provide an aesthetic look to the necklace. As you have these pendants looking resplendent, they make amazing choices. To make wonderful gifts.

Halo Pendants

These are diamonds designed using the halo style. You can add multiple layers to the setting. Halo pendants are available in a variety of styles, for you to choose from. Hence, these make great gifting choices. For an all-glittery look, you can choose popular moissanite center-stones.


You can choose a single halo for a traditional look.

Vintage styled designs

Again, vintage styled pendants make a favorable appeal amongst lady-fans out there. A metallic heart can also be chosen for a cute and loveable look. You can add diamond studs for the setting alone.

vintage-pendants-hudsonpooleYou can choose gem stones as the central one. You can choose peacock shaped or owl shaped pendants that make exotic gifting ideas when it comes to vintage styled designs.

Unique objects

If your friend or loved one prefers a pendant to add volume or bounce to the necklace, she plans wearing for the party, you can choose unique objects. It can be a dangling star, a fat bonnet, an intricately designed rose or a lovely diamond shaped pendant.

You can also have a cross inscribed on the pendant. These are exclusive gifting ideas on Diamond Pendants.
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4 Exclusive Wedding Designs on Diamond Pendants

When it comes to choosing the right diamond pendant, for your own wedding, things can get a little overwhelming. These are 4 exclusive designs on wedding collection jewelry. You can take a well-informed decision, based on the same.

Here we go:

A Leaf Shaped Pendant


Leaf symbolizes freshness. You can select a leaf-shaped pendant for the wedding necklace. Not only does your girl look gorgeous wearing the same, the pendant also symbolizes a unique meaning. It says, your fresh demeanor will remain in my heart forever, no matter how old you are’. In other words, it can add a dash of freshness to the upcoming relationship.

A Crown Shaped Pendant

crown-pendants-alters-gemCrown shaped diamond pendants are meant to symbolize the message. Namely ‘You are the leading queen of my life’. You wear the crown and I take orders to keep your life happy’. What a fantastic message a simple pendant reveals? Again an exquisitely crafted pendant can add an ethnic design to the necklace.

Anchor Shaped one

anchor-shaped-pendantsYou can choose an anchor shaped one to reveal the message. ‘You stand beside me always and I will anchor you against odds of life’. Anchor shaped pendants can also be a great design on wedding chains.

A Double Locket Pendant


Obviously, a double locket pendant symbolizes the message that ‘We are meant for each other’. Choosing a fat pendant shows the whole heartedness you pour out. This is while you serve the lady-love of your life, all the way through. Stone studded pendants can also add colorful vibes to the grandest occasion of your life.

As men, you can also wear uniquely designed chains, with lockets attached, to add to the grandeur.

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