Woo your mom with these stylish gifts

As a matter of fact, your mom has been toiling all day around. This is to fetch you, with the best of everything. Be it working so hard at the kitchen-place or slogging her sweat out at the work-place, she does it all, keeping the best of your interests in mind.

Hence, for this particular season, we have included some of the super-stylish jewelry gifts, forming a part of the Mother’s Day blog.

Pendant and necklaces


This is a fabulously designed white gold necklace with the ethnic pendant attached to the same. The pendant follows an exquisite vintage design. It is a marquise-shaped leaf detailing. You have diamond stones adorned, the free-style way. More than 140 carats of stones are used, to have the extremely stylish pendant designed. The necklace cum pendant is a signature piece, you can gift your mom with. To celebrate Mother’s Day in style.



This is a majestic Vahan styled bracelet that comes to you, in all its richness. It is a 10 mm bracelet with fusion of metals, added to the setting. A magical combination of Vahan styled sterling silver, 14K yellow gold and diamonds form a part of the design outlay. Diamond stones adorn the posh set of pearls that are placed at both the ends of the charming bracelet. Your mom is going to be taken in, by a sweet surprise, the moment you gift her with one.

Sapphire Earrings

sapphire-earringsBlue sapphires have always been in vogue, when it comes to creating luxurious forms of jewelry. Why not woo your mom by gifting her with a pair of 14K white gold sapphire earrings? The dainty pick on ear studs is something your mom is going to fall in love with. The ribbon detailing adds to the posh outlook, on this form of jewelry.

These are the trendy jewels brought to you from the Mother’s Day blog.

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Choose pretty sets from an Online Jewelry Shop

When you want to buy sets from an authentic online jewelry shop, you need to have the credibility of the seller reviewed across the net. At Hudson Poole, you have a complete access to designer fashion jewelry. And you also have leading designers who have jewelry designed in the most fabulous manner.

Presenting top 4 picks on diamond pendants and necklaces:

Vahan styled necklace

This is a pretty looking pick on Vahan jewelry. The setting takes shape via the purest form of sterling silver. The silhouette of the daring necklace also comprises of two egg-shaped yellow gold accents, adding a unique flavor to the pretty looking necklace. This is an 18 inch link type necklace and has a detailing done with diamonds, as well. You can add a pretty looking diamond pendant to the necklace which is sold as a separate accessory.

Necklace cum pendant

The sterling silver setting is lighter on your wallet as compared to a diamond accented setting. The Vahan styled designer pendant can look stunningly sophisticated as well. The pendant takes a cross design with pretty looking diamond stones. The round diamonds are complimented by a two-tone hinge. You can order for the necklace and the pendant. Stand-alone pendants can also be availed from the online jewelry shop.

Vintage styled white gold pendant

The ethnic pendant is made from a 14K white gold setting. The elegant pendant is brought to you from a designer label namely Gabriel and Co. The dome shaped design is studded with genuinely rounded diamond stones. The spacing in between the detailing gives the pretty looking pendant with a vintage feel. This is a stand-alone pendant.

Gemstone pendant

A bright and a beautiful amethyst pendant comes to you with a detailing comprising of diamond studs. You can create a cocktail look by attaching a matching necklace with the amethyst pendant.

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Assorted Picks on Valentine’s Jewelry, You fall in Love with

Have you already booked for two tickets to the theater? Or do you have plans of hitting a five star restaurant on an intimate candle-light dinner? Either ways, these are picks on Valentine’s jewelry, you simply cannot do without.
Here they are:

Pandora Charm Bracelet

A brand new designer bracelet is brought to you via a leading brand named Pandora. Hearts and finger rings are added to the bracelet. It is your all-favorite rubies that are heart shaped. On the finger rings, you have cute little hearts, which reveal the beautiful pout of love. You have heart shaped leaves decorated across the pendant. All the fabulous looking things form a part of the adorable bracelet.

Love Rings

To add to the stackable effects, these love rings form fabulous pieces, when it comes to selecting Valentine’s jewelry. You have five bands, stacked one of top of another. The word ‘love’ is inscribed on the final design of the stacked ring. You can have the setting done using yellow or pink gold. You can have the wordings inscribed using violet or sky-blue when you want to have a setting done with platinum.

A Vintage Style Design on Pendants


You can opt for a giant sized heart shaped pendant. A vintage design can be inscribed within the heart. You can have personalized messages, symbols, love emoji or descriptive pictures designed within the heart shaped pendant. It can be attached to a gold or platinum chain. Diamond stones can be added to give the vintage styled jewelry, in order to lend a brilliance, matching none other.

Heart Shaped Ear Studs


You can choose Heart Shaped Designer Earrings using a variety of gem stones. Alexandrite, amethyst, rubies, emeralds and blood red moon stones can be used, while having the jewelry designed. The earrings can look stunning on any kind of outfits. Stylish chokers and diamond necklaces can also be added, to the extravaganza.

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Exclusive Benefits of Purchasing Jewelry from an Online Store

Gone are the days when you spent hours at a retail jewelry store browsing through limited designs. Today, the internet has revolutionized your life in a big way.
Taking you through 4 exclusive benefits of purchasing coveted jewel sets from an online store:

Lower Costs
Selling products online can save the manufacturer from umpteen number of overhead expenses. These are applicable to the physical store. Retail store overheads include rent of the establishment, electricity, salaries for sales personnel and so on.

The online jewelry store conveniently evades these expenses. That is the primary reason, why you benefit thoroughly, as a customer. The benefits passed on to you are lucrative refund policies (These can be availed to custom made rings as well), free shipping, engraving, polishing, gift wrapping and lot many. You may, at least spend $100 extra on all these, if done independently.

Effective Comparison on Prices

Price is definitely an important factor you consider, before you start your purchases. You can keep a tab on the price of the ring this way. You keep one single piece of jewelry at hand and compare the price of the same, with multiple jewelers. This way, you get a fair price for the jewelry you have in mind. In other words, you get a 100% value for your hard-earned money.

Online Reviews

This is the third important benefit an online jewelry store has, over its retail counterpart. You are able to discover online reviews and ratings for the jewelry store, you plan buying jewels from. This way, you are a well-informed customer. You get a moral assurance that you are going to own fine line sets from the best dealer at the industry. These reviews and ratings are real time and you do not have to get carried away by sales persons, friends or relatives.

Trusted Quality
When you plan to buy rings online from a trusted source, you can be rest assured that your jewelry is of a quality that surpasses excellence. It is as compared to any high rated seller you would find at the retail jewelry store.

When you go online, you have the product information that is updated upfront. The weight of the metal, the designing or setting that goes into making, for having the ring crafted, carats, quality of the gem stone and lot more are product info you receive on the spot. You can have these details, at your fingertips, in order to base your purchasing decision, in advance. You can also receive adequate help from jewelry experts as they will be chatting with you online 24/7. You can also claim authentic grading certificates, across the net.

These are the top 4 benefits of shopping for jewelry online. Hudson Poole is an internationally certified organization that deals with adorable sets on diamond cum fashion jewelry. Their official site map reads as http://www.hudsonpoole.com.