Tips on buying Diamond Engagement Rings within $2000 mark

What do you generally do, when you have a pre-set budget in mind? That simply doesn’t mean, you cannot go in, for a gorgeously looking Engagement ring. You need to start your jewelry shopping, at least two months in advance to the event. This way, you will be able to grab the best of deals and bargains on varied forms of jewel sets.
Presenting exclusive buying tips for diamond engagement rings, within the $2000 reach:

Incorporate Preset Ring Selection Tools

When you want to buy a sprawling house, what do you generally do? You have a pre-set EMI calculator downloaded on your Excel sheet. This way, you get a fair idea on how much dues need to be shelled out towards your housing loans. As this is a commitment that pops up, every single month.

Similarly, you need to download a preset jewelry calculation tool. You can ask your retail or online showroom to download the software for you. All you need to do is just specify the budget you have in mind. The options open up as to the metal-type you select within the range. The carat weight of diamonds, setting and the design of the engagement ring pop up on the screen. You can customize Engagement rings, accordingly.

Size factor

You cannot always go for the 1 Carat diamond ring, especially when you have a specific budget in mind. As such, it is the carat weight of the ring that has a maximum impact on the price. Rather than merely focusing on how big the ring is, you can throw light on customizing the ring with an enhanced setting. And add other intricate aspects attached, to the ring, as such.

Clarity of Diamonds

The H grade clarity might not be affordable for a $2000 range. You can go in for blue fluorescence or yellow fluorescence grade. The lower clarity diamonds fetch you a discount of at least $200 on jewelry. The clarity factor of the diamond is I, which is slightly lesser than the highest clarity grade. But you get diamond jewelry in a superlative sparkle, indeed.

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